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 Nausta river

Naustdal is located in the traditional district of Sunnfjord. The administrative centre is the village of Naustdal. Other villages in Naustdal include Indrevevring and Helle.

Naustdal is situated between the towns of Førde and Florø, along the Norwegian National Road 5 highway. The Naustdal Tunnel runs through the mountains to connect to the town of Florø. The Førde Airport in Bringeland is the closest regional airport, and it lies about 30 kilometres from Naustdal.

Naustdal is a farming community with a diversity and cultural activities ranging from annual art exhibitions at Vevring to fairs, music, and dancing. Several renowned artists and writers come from Naustdal. Some of the local farmers breed horses, and horse shows are held every second year. Athletes from Naustdal do very well both in national and international championships, especially in volleyball and weightlifting.

Naustdal offers rich opportunities for outdoor life such as fishing on the fjord from hired boats. The famous salmon river, Nausta, is in one of the county´s largest wilderness areas with mountains, streams, lakes, and mountain farms, and it attracts many tourists from around the world. A recreational area and marina has recently been laid out near the center of Naustdal.

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