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TORO is a Norwegian manufacturer and brand of sauces, soups and other similar produce. TORO takes everyone´s favorite dish, TACO, into the cooling disk. Now you will find fresh tortilla griddle, pre-fried taco mix and Fajitas mix and real salsa and guacamole that´s ready to eat. The plant is based in Indre Arna in Bergen and sold 140 million consumption units divided between 750 products. Of the 900 employees, 350 work at the plant in Indre Arna.

The TORO brand was launched in 1959 with the production of vegetable soup. Toro is Spanish for ox and registered in 1964. Three years later it moved from Nøstet to Arna. There have been nine expansions of the production plant since the start.

1. oktober 2013 merged Rieber & Søn (Toro) and Stabburet together with Orkla Foods. Orkla Foods manages many brand stories. For example Stabburet which started in Fredrikstad in 1947 or Toro in Bergen in 1946. In addition, we will cherish the story of Nora with roots dating back to 1877 Denja 1916 Idun in 1883 and many more.

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