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Nidar is a Norwegian producer and distributor of confectionery. Nidar´s candy factory is located in Trondheim. Today Nidar is a part of Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Norge.

The Nidar company was founded 1912 in Trondheim, and the factory is still located her. With a one hundred year old history, Nidar today is the leading supplier of sweets to the Norwegian market. Nidar has a proud brand legacy, with chocolates and other sweets that most Norwegians remember from their childhood. At the same time, Nidar constantly focuses on innovation by developing new products. Both the development and the production of Nidar´s sweets take place at the original factory in Trondheim.

The company is one of the leading distributor of sweets to the Norwegian marketplace, selling sweets for over NOK 1 billion in 2003, with approx. 600 employees. Nidar produces chocolate, sugar products, confectionery candy, marzipan and pastilles, in addition to having responsibility of distribution and sales of Wrigley chewing gum and sweets in the Norwegian marketplace.

Among their most known and popular brands include: Stratos, Laban, Troika, Crispo, NERO, Smash!, Doc Halslinser (with or without liquid core), New Energy, Bocca, Bamsemums, Smørbukk, Mokka Trøffel, Mokka Bønner, Nidar Julemarsipan, Extra, Krembanan and Kremtopper.

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