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Johnny Love was founded in 2006 with the aim of creating tailored casual clothes for every day wear. At the helm is designer John Vinnem, hailing from Klæbu, a remote Nordic area known for its long, enduring winters, which form the inspiration behind his high quality protective outerwear. John Vinnem get inspiration from anything that he see around that he find aesthetic or otherwise inspiring: architecture, cartoons, movies, materials, colors.

JOHNNYLOVE creates menswear with the trademark sleek silhouette, high quality materials and attention to detail. The classic man´s wardrobe reinterpreted.

Production Values – Quality and Integrity
An insight into how we maintain a high quality, keep our products clean, and try to put some compassion into fashion. As you might know, all the fabrics JOHNNYLOVE uses are bought from premium Italian mills such as Limonta, Fortex and Leggiuno – except our indigo denim, which we get from Kuroki in Japan (since they make the best indigo denim on the planet). There are multiple reasons for this, and the apparent one is the great quality of fabrics you get from these mills.

Design Philosophy – Creating Frames for Personality
To John Vinnem, JOHNNYLOVE’s founder and head of design, one of the main motivations for entering fashion design was that he couldn’t find a way to project the person that he was outwards. The more loose­-fitting clothes of the time made him look somewhat feminine, boyish rather than confident and manly. He wanted stricter clothes with a sleeker fit and sharp lines. Part of the inspiration comes from nature as well. Norwegians tend to say we have “a lot of” nature, yet we’re mostly concerned with the more barren, robust and gritty aspects of it – our rough and long winters, the harsh winter storms, and so on. Transferred to clothes, the words robust elegance is fitting.

Fashion With Function: Materials & Performance
JOHNNYLOVE hails from Trondheim. This remote Nordic area is known for its rough weather with lots of rainfall and winds, and a long snowy winter. Hence one of our apparent strengths is outerwear. The Norwegian man is passionate about his jacket or coat, and demands clothes that are both warm, comfortable and fashionable.

JOHNNYLOVE’s focus will always be design. Keeping that in mind we constantly push the limits to make the garments as functional and versatile as possible. This pursuit of fashionable functionality has made us team up with some of the most forward-thinking Italian mills. The materials we present enable us to combine top level functionality with an uncompromising fashion mindset. ur cotton and wool outerwear fabrics have added water resistance due to a particular finishing on the materials, applied by way of nano technology.

The fabric is coated with dense silica particles that make water form droplets – thus repelling the water, and preventing it to soak the material. The silica nano coating gives the garment good water and stain resistance while keeping the fabric breathable. The finishing does not affect the feel or look of the fabric.

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