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Eiendomsspar is one of the leading real estate companies. Our business concept is to own, develop and refine office, retail and hotel properties for rent. High-quality properties in prime location and an operating philosophy founded on service and professionalism has given Eiendomsspar a strong position in the property market. Eiendomsspar owns 50/50 with Sundt AS Swedish hotel property Pandox AB and the Norwegian hotel property company Norgani Hotels AS, which together have 119 hotels.

The company has particular expertise in large office and shop in the Oslo region, as well as in Scandinavia and Northern Europe. Eiendomsspar also have experience and expertise as an owner and developer of residential and warehouse region and as an investor in office properties in Northern Europe. Eiendomsspar also manages the property portfolio to Victoria Property.

The majority of Eiendomsspar properties have very central location. In the few cases Eiendomsspar buying property outside big center, are retained only if the location is good for certain users (ex. trade and hotels), or that the property in the long term will increase the attractiveness (ex. Skøyen and Alnabru).

Office buildings
Office buildings and office space represents 22% of the relative value distribution of Eiendomsspar properties. Eiendomsspar offers office space, high-quality services to our tenants. It is satisfying to note that Eiendomsspar vacancy rate, unlike the market fell through last year. Eiendomsspar annual review of the market for office premises in Oslo, Asker and Bærum shows that 573,000 square meters are vacant, which is a decline of 91,000 square meters from last year. Vacancy rates stood at this 5.8% of the total mass of office. The absorption of office space in 2014 was that in 2013 and amounted to 184,000 square meters.

Retail Store
Retail Store with good location is in demand in the rental market. In addition, the market for retail space in a central location very selectively. Therefore, all our shop premises very suitable for rental. If Eiendomsspar rent retail space outside the big city center is because the location is good for given users, or that the property in the long term will increase attractiveness.

Eiendomsspar is a fully integrated real estate company with expertise within most types of property. Therefore Eiendomsspar also expertise in renting warehouse. Eiendomsspar have vacant warehouse and production premises in Oslo, Asker and Bærum.

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