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Jernia is a hardware store chain founded by the initiator Ola Brath in 1951. The company went the first time under the name A/L Jernvarekjøp, but after the merger with K.E. Larsson in 1954 the company took this name with further forward to 1966 where the name Jernia formed. In 1968 the name was changed to Jernia Jernia Norsk A/S, and then in 1983 to get the current name, Jernia AS.

Jernia merged firm Samkolør in 1994 and started then with widespread distribution of paint to its members. Jernia chain consists (2009) of a total of 175 stores in Norway and 66 stores in Sweden. Additionally own Jernia AS chain ProffPartner serving the industrial market in Norway. ProffPartner consists of approximately 50 stores in Norway and 7 in Sweden.

In Norway, approximately 70 of Jernia chain´s stores owned by Jernia subsidiary Jernia Detalj AS, the others are locally-owned shops. Headquartered is outside Oslo.

In 2005 bought Stein Erik Hagen through his investment company Canica AS entire Jernia chain.

In October 2010 started Jernia with Komplett the internett shop www.jernia.no. The shop was operated as a separate AS where Komplett 51% of the holdings, and Jernia 49%. At the start of 2013 Jernia has now developed its own website.

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