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Manpower is part of ManpowerGroup an American staffing company headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The company was founded by Elmer Winter and Aaron Scheinfeld in 1948, was acquired by the British company Blue Arrow in 1987, but became independent again in 1991. ManpowerGroup Manpower with the tip has 3,900 offices in over 80 countries. Manpower has 30 000 employees and communicates job to over 3.5 million temporary workers each year. Manpower is thus America´s largest employer.

Manpower in Norway
In Norway, ManpowerGroup established subsidiary Manpower AS, founded in 1965 and 100% owned by Manpower Norway Holdings AS. Manpower has since the 60s conveyed jobs for hundreds of thousands of people both in substitute and permanent positions in the private and public sectors. Every day, more than 5,000 employees in various industries and disciplines to work for Manpower. Operations in Norway generates over 35,000 orders every year.

ManpowerGroup, through Manpower and Experis, has offices in 35 cities and towns and has 11,000 employees associated with the business. More than 200 staffing consultants serving clients and employees; locally, regionally and nationally.

Manpower has the following wholly owned subsidiaries in Norway:

Manpower AS
As Norway´s leading staffing company, Manpower offer a wide range of products and services. We help you find the best solution, whether you need one or more temporary workers for a shorter or longer limited period or want assistance in connection with the recruitment of a permanent employee. We can also be a valuable partner during restructuring processes or by downsizing. The best candidates: Is often the hardest to find. Often they are already employed in positions which they thrive, and not actively searching for new opportunities. Good staff is crucial to how well your company succeed in a competitive market.

We identify the most attractive candidates, regardless of current employment. Our specialists have even long experience and expertise in the relevant subject areas, and even extensive network within your particular industry. Less to think about when you are hiring a staff from Manpower, it is hove we take care of the practical. We arrange payroll, providing sickness benefits and see that employees are covered by OTP and necessary insurance. Our processes are ISO certified and we are the only IA-enterprise in the staffing industry.

Manpower Framnæs installation AS
We are, with over 200 employees, one of the largest companies on staffing in mechanical contracting services onshore and offshore. We provide subjects personnel with high expertise and experience in fields of mechanical- and petroleum industry onshore and offshore. Our goal is to be the natural choice for our customers when it comes to qualified and skilled professionals. We accomplish this by continually further educate our employees step with the industry´s requirements.

Manpower Business Solutions
ManpowerGroup Solutions provides and manages flexible and competitive team, bespoke and scalable solutions within outsourcing and rent. Together with our customers we develop individual solutions for increased efficiency. We deliver upper services nationally and internationally.

Experis offers recruiting, consulting and project solutions in all industries and disciplines. We are market leaders in the areas of Finance, Engineering and IT, and has 850 consultants with high expertise and long experience in these fields. Experis Executive is one of the leading players within Executive Search and Selection, and has extensive experience in recruiting top executives to Norwegian industry.

Right Management
Right Management is a leader in talent and career management. We work in the area of Workforce Management, - that is, how best lead and organize business labor. We design and deliver solutions that help organizations develop their employees, reduce costs and increase performance. We are part of Manpower, a world leader in workforce solutions and recruitment.

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