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Jobzone was founded in 2002 and is now the largest Norwegian-owned recruitment company. Jobzone covers the whole of Norway and has 40 local offices with a total of 150 employees. In 2013 Jobzone supplied more than 2000 clients with approx. 8000 employees.

The company has experienced significant growth since its inception, with a turnover in 2013 of NOK 1.185 billion. Jobzone places great emphasis on the role of the employer, and it subscribes to the notion that clients prefer using the recruitment companies that are the most attractive to job seekers and temps.

Jobzone was founded by Tom Rune Graarud and Øyvind Henriksen. They are both now board members of Jobzone As. Thor Ørbeck-Nilssen is chairman of the board. In 2006 Jobzone established itself in Sweden. Jobzone As comprises Jobzone Norge AS, Jobzone Sverige Ab, HR-huset AS, Podium AS, Insider renhold og miljø AS (part ownership) and Necon AS (part ownership). The group as a whole has wide-ranging expertise in personnel, recruitment, restructuring and service.

Jobzone aims to be the preferred advisor and collaborating partner for all your recruitment needs. We are organised as a franchise model whereby local branches are locally owned. Jobzone"s consultants are either owners or partners. This model creates a sense of ownership with regard to results and generates additional motivation to ensure that clients and temps are satisfied. Jobzone is here to make recruitment easy and hassle-free for its clients.

With more than 40 offices in Norway you"ll never be far from your nearest Jobzone office. All our local branches have strong, visible links with the local community. Jobzone"s consultants are very familiar with the local business sector and labour market. Our good knowledge of temps and clients means that we can make quick decisions and identify optimal solutions for your company. Feel free to contact your nearest Jobzone office for an informal chat.

Jobzone´s vision is to be "the best employer". The vision implies that Jobzone should work closely with both temps and clients and always be available when they need us. Each client and temp will be assigned their own personal contact person who is very familiar with their needs, requirements and wishes. As the "best employer" Jobzone shall offer good social and professional activities to its employees. This will help create a secure framework and sense of belonging for our temps. Jobzone works on the premise that the recruitment companies that are most attractive to job seekers and temps will also be preferred by clients.

Charitable activity
The Jobzone Award is given annually to local charitable organisations throughout Norway.

Jobzone is a major collaborating partner to the Bislett Games, the Holmenkollstafetten relay race and many local events. Since 2007 Jobzone has been the main sponsor of the Norwegian Athletics Federation. It is also a personal sponsor of Andreas Thorkildsen, Tonje Angelsen and Vladimir Vukicevic.

Jobzone is an enthusiastic supporter and sponsor of Larvik Håndball, Byåsen Håndball and Follo Håndball.

Cross country / roller skiing
Team Jobzone is Norway´s first private cross country sprint team. The team is made up of young, enthusiastic and highly capable athletes.

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