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Umoe is an industrial investment company specializing in the green energy and services sectors. We seek out high reward, high risk opportunities, while developing companies through acquisition, restructuring and organic growth. We pride ourselves on contributing more than just capital, and actively support our businesses in creating value. Vitally, we believe in empowering the people who work for us, turning businesses around through agile organization, effective management and sound financial decision making. This long-term commitment is central to our success, and has resulted in Umoe growing to become one of Norway´s largest privately owned companies.

Jens Ulltveit-Moe founded the company in 1984 and it has since grown into one of the largest, privately owned companies in Norway with a market value of approximately NOK 5 billion. In 2010 the company had a turnover of NOK 6 969 mill, with 7,100 employees and capital employed of NOK 5 355 mill. The company has four main areas; Umoe Shipping and Energy, Umoe Maritime, Umoe Bioenergy and Umoe Restaurant Group.

Umoe Restaurant Group
Umoe Restaurants AS is Norway´s leading restaurant company with over 330 restaurants and cafes. Umoe Restaurants has an expected annual sales of NOK 4 billion and 9000 employees (incl. franchisee and commission) divided between well known brands as Peppes Pizza, Dolly Dimple´s, TGI Fridays, Burger King and Blender AS, a provider of food and drink concepts for shopping centres and airports .

Umoe Shipping and Energy
Umoe Shipping and Energy AS is the Umoe Group´s holding company in shipping. The company has ownership shares in 8 large LNG gas carriers operated by Knutsen OAS Shipping in Haugesund. Knutsen OAS Shipping focuses on a modern fleet of specialized tankers operating under long term contracts with first class charterers combined with solid project execution skills and good service. Transportation of liquefied natural gas is a growing market that fits very well into the group’s strategy of advanced vessels on long-term contracts to first class charterers. Umoe Shipping and Energy owns between 37,5% and 50% in each of the 8 LNG ships in operation. All the vessels are on time charter contracts to oil and energy companies.

Umoe Bioenergy
Umoe Bioenergy produces sustainable bioethanol from sugar cane – a fuel costing less than competing fossil fuels while also reducing CO2 emissions from cars and electricity generation. Located in the Paranapanema region of the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil, the company has been a part of Umoe since 2007; it employs more than 1,600 people. Paranapanema presents a unique production environment, with vast land masses, rich natural resources and a well-established industry. The operation comprises 40,000 ha of leased arable land reserves, state-of-the art mechanized production and a mill with a crushing capacity of 2.6 million tons. Umoe Bioenergy competes successfully with fossil fuels in cost and is committed to high social and environmental standards.

Umoe Maritime
Umoe Mandal is an international leader in advanced composite applications for the maritime, oil & gas and naval industries. We design and develop state-of-the-art lightweight composites for the production of ships, infrastructures and associated components; and are proud to have built the Skjold class corvettes and Oksøy class mine hunters for the Royal Norwegian Navy. Our pioneering R&D programs include the design and manufacturing of a new type of service vessel to the offshore wind industry, as well as surface effect solutions for the US Navy. Employing 160 people, the company has a turnover of about 200 million NOK, and is located in Mandal and Kristiansand.

Umoe Advanced Composites is the world"s leading provider of lightweight composite pressure vessels for the oil and gas industry. At half the weight of steel pressure vessels, and delivering a 67% reduction in inertia. Umoe Advanced Composites AS is a subsidiary of Umoe Mandal AS. The company has annual sales of 50 million NOK.

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