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Bama-Gruppen is Norway´s largest private distributor of fruit and vegetables. Bama-Gruppen is engaged in wholesale trading of imported and Norwegian-produced fresh produce in fruits, vegetables and flowers. The corporation was founded as Chr. Matthiessen AS in 1886 when Christian Marius Emil Matthiessen (1850–1918) from Kristiansand started a lumber business. Banana imports began in 1905 as the first in Europe outside the UK.

The company was eventually named Banana Matthiessen. In 1981, the corporate name was changed to Bama-Gruppen AS. The company has five divisions: retail, industry, institutions, flowers and convenience shops. On the retail market it delivers produce to the two wholesalers NorgesGruppen and Reitangruppen. The site is organized and managed through two separate corporations aimed at the various grocery systems. In NorgesGruppen can be found, chains Meny / Ultra, Spar / Joker, Kiwi in addition to several local and independent chains.

Rema 1000 is the largest discount chain in sales. The chains represent more than 2,300 grocery stores in Norway.

Through close collaboration with the brand we develop concepts that give you the consumer a diverse product range in fruit and vegetables. We are constantly expanding the range and offers new and different product variants to give you more price and quality options. Product development and consumer adaptation are key to our strategic thinking.

Do you eat fruit, berries and vegetables every day, you not only get in you vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. On purchase you get a wide variety of agents - some scientists know well, and others that may not be described in the medical literature yet.

Therefore it is also the case that food better protection against disease than pills. In pills are only the substances we know, while the food is still chock full of exciting substances that appear to have a protective effect on your health when you eat them in combination with the known substances.

Lise Finckenhagen provides useful advice on the treatment and use of fruit and vegetables. Something you know from before, you may have forgotten, but we think you can pick up some tips and tricks you did not know before.

Bama is the main sponsor of the Norway national football team.

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