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Ferd acquires an ownership interest in Petroleum Geo-Services ASA. Ferd is a family-owned Norwegian investment-company committed to value-creating ownership of businesses and investments in financial assets. In addition to the group´s purely commercial activities, Ferd has an extensive involvement in social entrepreneurship. Ferd is committed to value-creating ownership of businesses and investment in financial assets in situations that enable us to make good use of our expertise and the competitive advantages that result from our family ownership.

Ferd Capital is an active and long-term investor in privately held and listed companies. This means that Ferd Capital assesses when to invest or sell its investments, as well as working actively with the companies in which it invests for the duration of its ownership in order to ensure the best possible value creation. Ferd Capital carries out its role as an active investor through collaboration with the management of its portfolio companies, both through traditional board representation and in other ways.

Ferd Invest invests primarily in listed Nordic (Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland) stocks. The ambition is to invest in companies which in sum beat the aggregated Nordic stock markets. The goal is to perform better than a Nordic benchmark index, but the focus is not on country or sector allocation or the content of the index. Ferd Invests sole concern is about the companies they are invested in and the development of these.

Ferd Invest is a stock picker and will always try to have a portfolio that is composed of a limited number of shares. The team believes that long term outperformance is best achieved with a focused portfolio. Ferd Invest has a self imposed rule that the 10 largest investments should constitute at least 60 % of the portfolio. Ferd Invest is a financial investor and to the extent that ownership is exercised, it is through dialogue with the Board and management.

Ferd launched a dedicated hedge fund portfolio in 2006, and was spun out as a separate investment unit within Ferd in 2012. The investment objective is to achieve attractive risk adjusted returns, both in absolute terms and relative to the hedge fund market. The hedge fund portfolio also serves a diversifying element in Ferd´s total investment portfolio. The hedge fund portfolio has a global focus and invests across a broad set of different investment strategies. Current AuM is approximately 350 MUSD.

In 2012 Ferd Special Investments was established as a separate business area within Ferd. The business area is a continuation of the Special Opportunities portfolio established in 2009 and the Special Investments portfolio established in 2011 under Ferd Alternative Investments.

Ferd Real Estate is an active real estate investor and is responsible for all real estate activities in the Ferd group. This includes developing residential properties for sale, as well as developing, renting and managing office premises and warehousing and logistics facilities. Ferd Real Estate currently manages a lettable areatotalling around 125,000 m² and has a land-bank/development projects for around 1600 housing units. Real estate development projects are carried out both by Ferd Real Estate acting independently and through collaboration with selected partners. Ferd Real Estate operates primarily in the Oslo area, but also considers real estate in central locations in or close to Stavanger, Bergen and Trondheim. In addition, Ferd Real Estate invests in international real estate funds.

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