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  Fish farms

Øksfjord Sjøfiskeoffers several rental alternatives in and around Øksfjord. Centrally located in Øksfjord.

In Sentrumsgården we have 5 apartments, 70 m2 with three bedrooms and plenty of room for 6 people. In addition, there are 4 rooms with private bathrooms. In Nilsengården we have 2 apartments, bouth 85 m2 with 3 bedrooms and room for 6 people.

There are 15 Kværnø boats, ( 14 is 19 feet, and 1 is 24 feet) 50 - 360 meters from the apartments, on the quay there are separate rooms for cleaning your catch, storage of equipment and freezer facilities. Spectacular fishing spots lie near the Øksfjord, in Stjernesundet and then outwards toward Loppa island and Lopphavet.

If you want a guided tour on the glaciers, this can be arranged. Accommodation in Loppa also offers meals and a cold beer. No doubt about: Øksfjord Sjøfiske is the new jewel in the fishing paradise North Finnmark.

The village of Øksfjord was historically an important regional fishing village that included a fish processing factory and fish oil factory. The factories have been closed since the 1980s, but since then some fish farms have been in use. In Øksfjord, there is a fish skin leather factory that manufactures first class leather, used in shoes, clothes and souvenirs. Øksfjord have approximately a population of 600. There is a car ferry connection to Hasvik on Sørøya, and to Sør-Tverrfjord and Bergsfjord.

The Coastal Steamer ( Hurtigruten ) has daily departures here between stops at Skjervøy and Hammerfest. Øksfjord Church is located in this village and it is the main church for the municipality. Since most of Loppa municipality is inaccessible by car, Øksfjord is a major transportation hub with regular car ferry connections to the Nuvsvåg, Bergsfjord, and Sør-Tverrfjord areas. There is also a regular ferry connection from Øksfjord to the village of Hasvik on the neighboring island of Sørøya.

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