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cape fish group

Cape Fish Group AS is a locally owned company, sited on the Top of Europe in the city of Honningsvåg - one of the northernmost citites in the world. With its uniqe closeness to the best fishing grounds of the Barents Sea, the company offer products of high quality, based solely on fresh raw material.

Cape Fish Group AS produces finished products for markets all around the world, and the products are branded with the desirable Cape Fish brand. The company is an independent and vigorous business which is owned local and securely rooted in the local community. We are proud to present that we are the worlds northernmost producer of dried and salted cod (Bacalhau).

From our factory in Honningsvåg to the North Cape at N 71° 10`21", it is about a 35 minutes driving, where you can see a flourishing coastal scene with several oppertunities for outdoor life and recreation.

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