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 Verdalselva river

With the fall of Olav Haraldsson in the battle at Stiklestad (1030 A.D.), this region became the birthplace of the nation. Olav fought to unite Norway as a single kingdom with Christianity as the common religion. His death and later status as a saint, represents a major change in both political and religious views in Norwegian history. The Stiklestad National Culture Centre conveys the story of Olav through several different attractions. Stiklastadir, the latest of these attractions, is an experience all on its own. This replica longhouse is now open for the public, offering new and exciting activities for everyone.

It is also possible to divide the hall into two smaller rooms. The lower level includes an auditorium with 100 seats and a storeroom for the museum. The first floor consists mainly of offices and exhibition space. The master exhibition on St.Olav and Stiklestad is located in the passageway enclosing the south side of the courtyard. The easterly part of the Cultural Centre was bulit for the Nord-Trøndelag theatre company, which hires the space there.This includes offices and a workshop. A theatre of about 200 m2 is located in the basement. The theatre company is not an integral part of the Cultural Centre, but there is close collaboration in many areas.

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