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 Verdalselva river

Stiklestad is the battlefield where King Olav Haraldsson fell on July 1030, and he became known as St. Olav. The battle of Stiklestad represents the introduction of Christianity in Norway. The battle and the saint king made it possible for Stiklestad to act as a symbol of both Christianity and the kingdom. "Olav den Hellige" met the Trønder army at Stiklestad in the year 1030 when trying to christen the people of Norway.

The Trønder army proved too strong. He failed and was killed in the battle. However, his death became a strong symbol to the people, and contributed to the christening and consolidation of Norway into one kingdom.

His death was thus turned into a victory. This battle is re-enacted, and has become an annual event at the amphitheatre at Stiklestad. It occurs at the exact location where the original battle took place. The actors consist of a mix of amateurs and professionals. Thousands have seen the re-enactment, and it is highly recommended to visitors in Verdal.

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