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GoNorway is dedicated to bringing you the best deals, becouse we know Norway best. GoNorway is like a traditional guide book, aiming to provide advice on which destinations, attractions, accommodations, and so on, are worth a visit and providing information on how to access them.

 P R I C E  N A M E  P L A C E


Products grown far north growing under unique lighting conditions, gives the ingredients a special character. Norway is a pure region with fisheries, green pastures, small farms, and a modern meat and dairy industry, dominated by beautiful fjords, mountains, and untouched nature. Norway has a long coastline with excellent sea food.

 Nord Trøndelag
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The village of Hell (have their own award winning site on the Internet), lies 30 km northeast of Trondheim on the E6 highway. Stone Age rock carvings prove that the district was populated as early as 6,000 years ago. The Hell district is today a well trafficked junction with many active businesses, including shops, a post office, a souvenir shop, kiosk, petrol station, garage, cafeteria, hotel and lumber industry etc. Perhaps the most famous feature is Hell railway station and, of course, the sign (in Norwegian) stating "Gods Expedition". Although the station is now closed, trains do still stop to visit it.

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Stiklestad is the battlefield where King Olav Haraldsson fell 29. July 1030, and he became known as St. Olav. The battle of Stiklestad represents the introduction of Christianity in Norway. The battle and the saint king made it possible for Stiklestad to act as a symbol of both Christianity and the kingdom.

Let us take you on an historical tour of Stiklestad. Experience the exciting cultural history of Stiklestad through the medieval farm Stiklastadir, The Saint Olav Drama and festival, exhibitions, the Folk Museum, guided tours and other activities. The excellent course and conference facilities at Stiklestad Hotel are ideal for all kinds of meetings. Why not organise a family get-together at this historic site?

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Actors from the "Gårdimillom" theatre company re-enact, every season, typical scenes and various activities that would have gone onin the various buildings. Molåna is one of the central buildings at the museum. It is a typical "trønderlån" or "lån" (lån=long, narrow main building on larger farms in Trøndelag) from Trøndelag, built in 1783 of logs on a granite foundation wall.

The entrance and kitchen are in the middle of the building, withliving rooms and chambers on both sides. The portal framing the entrance doors is of lavish design in Louis XVI style. The building has two full storeys and was protected by a conservation order in 1923. Today, Molåna is used for functions on special occasions, and the Cultural Centre runs a simple cafè in the northern living room during the summer.

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It is in this very historic site at Eggetunet that the Viking Festival at Egge takes place every second year, the second weekend of July. This is a colourful festival with experiences and events for the entire family. Events include a historical marked, battle scenes, jugglers, music, an evening feast, a play and activity area for children called Leikarvollen, and the family theatre Silkeskjegg, Silk Beard. The next Egge Viking Festival is 10.-12. of July 2015. Do you want to patisipate in the Viking Market during Egge Viking Festival ?