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The Landfalltjern lake is an old water pond owned by Drammen Municipality. From the late 1800s until 1978 worked the lake as water supply for Drammen and after this area has become a popular seaside resort and recreation area for the city´s residents. The facility is now wheelchair accessible, including the lake crest is extended to over two meters wide and it is secured with fences and border protection beam. Drive up Landfalltjernveien (Tollroad) from Underlia. Drive to the big parking place at Landfalltjern lake, at the very end of the road. Tollroad to Spiraltoppen and Olsrud.

Water nearby: Hvalsdammen (1,03 km), Myrdammen (1,33 km), Svarttjern (2,01 km), Klopptjern (2,95 km), Skimten (3,56 km), Eikdammen (3,87 km), Eriksrudtjern (3,94 km), Goliaten (4,07 km), Tverråsvannet (4,57 km) and Askfjelltjern (4,70 km).

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