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Weifa is Norway´s leading fully-integrated pharmaceutical company. We supply real value through medicines, lifestyle products and solutions that address the essential needs of consumers, customers and professional partners.

The company has a strong position in Norway and is the market leader in pain relief, with well-established brands such as Paracet and Ibux. We are also present in other key areas such as dietary supplements and treatment for colds and respiratory problems. Weifa also has a considerable international business and is a leading producer of active ingredients for diabetes medicine (metformin) and opiates for use in pain relief and cough medicine. 40 per cent of our turnover comes from our international business, where our customers are leading global pharmaceutical companies.

Weifa is active throughout the value chain - from research and development to production, distribution and sales. The company´s two factories in Kragerø represent a key element of this chain. One factory produces finished products, mainly tablets destined for the Norwegian market. The other factory is dedicated purely to the production of metformin and is the most modern of its kind in the world.

Products within Pain/Fever: Paracet, Paracetduo, Proxan, Ibux, Ibux gel, Ibux Gel with Menthol and Tiger Balsam.

A cold can lead to coughing, nasal congestion and other symptoms that cause irritation and pain.
Products within Colds/Airways: Nazaren, Dexyl, Tussin and Bronkyl.

Wound treatment
Wounds are common both in children and adults. Early and repeated treatment is the key to fast and good healing.
Products within Wound treatment: Pyrisept and Aselli.

Diet and lifestyle
Weifa offers a series of dietary supplements for the Norwegian market. The products are marketed under the brand ”Bra!”, which means “good” or “well” in Norwegian. The products contain natural or organic ingredients and are formulated for easy absorption in the body. Details about the bra! products in the menu to the right are only in Norwegian. In addition to the Bra! series, Weifa offers some dietary supplements under its own brand.
Products within Diet and lifestyle: Complete Tranebær brusetabletter, Bra! for children (omega-3), Bra! for the prostate (palmetto), Bra! for the urinary tract (cranberry tablets), Bra! for the urinary tractBra! for the urinary tract (cranberry capsules), Weifa-Kalcium dietary supplement, Weifa-C Rose Hip Extract, Fluormax, Ferromax and Complete Multi.

Osteoarthritis is a condition in which the cartilage that cushions impact inside the joints breaks down. Glucosamine supplements can slow down the loss of cartilage and relieve pain symptoms.
Products within Osteoarthritis: Samin.

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