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 Hofseth Biocare

Hofseth BioCare´s key objective is to provide high value added biomarine ingredients for human applications. Through innovative production technology and logistics, we preserve the quality of protein, calcium and oil extracted from fish. This technology is proprietary to our company. Products that previously could only be used for animal feed can now be made suitable for human consumption and pharmaceuticals. We are thus contributing to efficient use of marine resources.

Hofseth BioCare is a Norwegian biomarine company with roots back to year 2000. Our proprietary technology is based upon a new method for fully controlled by-product refinement up to high-end products. After 12 years of R&D, testing and documentation, the company’s proprietary enzymatic hydrolysis-process converts by-products to sustainable value-added products.

Hofseth BioCare´s products are sustainable and traceable. There is a growing demand for proteins in the world and providing sustainable high quality products to the market is the main goal for Hofseth BioCare.

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