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 Rune Aalberg Alstad
 Aleksander Torstensen

s the story goes, back in 2010 Aalberg Audio co-founder Rune Aalberg Alstad was out with student friends in Trondheim, and arguing with fellow guitarists about the best effects pedals on the market at that time. But Alstad argued that they all shared a common flaw - you´ve got to move to a fixed position on the stage to change the effects.

The solution, as you can see, is a remote controlled delay peddle for guitars. To house everything correctly, they"ve now produced an standard wired delay effects pedal that connects light weight wireless companion controller, where you can either velcro or clip to the body or strap of your guitar. With the setup, guitarists can now crowd-dive roughy 30 meters away from their setup while still switching between their favorite effects presets with the clip on their guitar.

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