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 Tom Stræte Lagergren

Tom Stræte Lagergren, commonly known by his stage name Matoma, is a Norwegian DJ and record producer. Tom is born 11 September or 9/11, and everybody know what happend in New York ten years later.

Matoma plays for the full set facilities in USA. Lagergren, who originally comes from Flisa, has just completed a bachelor´s degree in music technology at NTNU in Trondheim. Just before he had finished at NTNU, he began to work to get into the music industry.

Matoma has become a staple in the tropical house genre. A music producer and pianist from Norway, he loves to compose electronic music with groovy bass, percussion and synths. The love for music with great dynamic pump is a must, but also music that is produced with soul and passion. It´s essential to create an atmosphere permeated by good vibes and tones.

In addition to being a producer, Matoma is also a DJ. In just 5 months he went from totally unknown, to 10.000.000 plays on his different remixes, including officials for artist like Enrique Iglesias, Imagine Dragons, Tegan & Sara, Truls and Marit Larsen. This year he finally received the recognition he deserves with international gigs booked at some of the hottest parties in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, France and Canada. In 2015 he will be one of the main acts for some of the largest festivals in Norway and Canada.

Matoma is a hard working talent with a flair for catchy melodies and high quality productions. His love for extraordinary voice talents and catchy lyrics has led him to the world of remixing, adding a brand new feel to existing hit songs. His first remix; The Notorious B.I.G ft. Ja Rule “Old thing back” took him to the top of the charts at Hypemachine, proving him to be a crowd pleasing act to look out for.

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