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Brunost, also called raudost or mysost, is a caramelised brown Scandinavian whey cheese. The main Norwegian and the German names mean brown cheese, and the others mean simply whey cheese. Another variant, made using goat milk, is referred to and sold as geitost ("goat cheese") or sometimes elsewhere as gjetost). Geitost is made from a mixture of goat´s and cow´s milk, and ekte geitost (real geitost) is made with goat´s milk only.

Brunost is made by boiling a mixture of milk, cream, and whey carefully for several hours so that the water evaporates. The heat turns the milk sugar into caramel, which gives the cheese its characteristic brown colour and sweet taste. It is ready for consumption as soon as it is packed in suitable sized blocks. A low-fat variant is made by increasing the proportion of whey to milk and cream.

Brunost is manufactured primarily in Norway, but also has traditionally been produced in Jämtland and Härjedalen in Sweden. The cheese is sold by specialty cheese shops and some larger supermarkets in North America and Europe. Today, several types of brunost are offered in most shops in Norway and Sweden.

TINE produces most of the brunost in Norway, and currently has 12 varieties to choose from. Several local dairies in Norway produce their own versions.

Brunost has traditionally been considered healthy because of its high content of iron, calcium and B vitamins, but one Norwegian nutritionist, Fedon Lindberg, says that because brunost contains large quantities of both fat and sugar it is nutritionally comparable to milk chocolate and that Norwegians should eat less of it.

A test by the newspaper Dagbladet also scored the cheese poorly in terms of nutrition. Brunost does not contain significant amounts of iron today, due to the manufacturing methods used. The iron used to come from its being made in iron pots. Some types have added iron, but only those that state this clearly on the package.

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