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Draco is a motorboat manufacturer and trademark which was established by spot suspension Kare Drangsholt in 1963. Draco Boats went bankrupt in 1992, but 2014 was a new line of Draco boats launched, designed by Briton Ed Dubois.

Draco boats were well-built, rugged quality boats. More entustiaster holds today Draco boats alive and there are several active online communities and websites that have information about Draco boats. It is observed reproduction of some boats, based on old forms. A Draco 1800 ST with 2003 model is observed 4 sale on Finn.no, but this is not confirmed. In 2008 built a variant of Draco 23, Ocean 780 Extreme, Flekkefjord, based on one of the old abandoned forms. Dracomar traded still on the used market in Spain.

In 2014 the Norwegian legend Draco Boats returns. A new line of highly modern boats will be introdused to new and old Draco enthusiasts. The Draco 27 RS has won the prestigious "European Powerboat of the Year" award yesterday at what is known as "the Oscars of boat awards"!

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