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 Øyvind Kristensen
 Remme Brothers Band
 Eple Skrott
 Jonas Fjeld Rock´n´Rolf Band

Remme Brothers Band plays 70s-inspired southern rock and soul- / blue ballads, both self-produced material and cover songs from artists such as the Allman Brothers Band, Johnny Winter and Fabulous Thunderbirds. The CD "Remme Brothers Band" came out in 2005. Drammens Tidende called the album a "sensational debut".

Members: Hans Cato Kristiansen, Lasse Hafreager, Øyvind Kristensen, Henning Remme, Øystein Remme and Aksel Tharaldsen.

Øivind Kristensen comes from Åssiden but is now living in Solbergelva. He is educated as a teacher. Øivind is the bassist in Remme Brothers Band and has experience from many different bands over the years. He is best known well from time bassist Jonas Fjeld Rock´n´Rolf Band, under the name "Eple Skrott".

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