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 Jan Haudemann-Andersen
 Marte Krogh

Jan Haudemann-Andersen is a Norwegian investor. He is a prominent private investor on the Oslo Stock Exchange and within the property. Haudemann-Andersen was married in 2014 with violinist Marte Krogh.

He is a graduate siviløkonom (civil economist) from Agder distriktshøgskole and Norwegian Business School (BI), and the Naval Academy at Oscarsborg. Haudemann-Andersen started as stock speculator with funds borrowed from his doctor brother Stein Haudemann-Andersen. Haudemann-Andersen established in 1986 investment company Verde along with Stein Olav Revelsby, Geir Aune and Tore Aksel Voldberg.

They bought into, among other oil exploration company Norwegian Viking Oil. When they sold out in about 1990 (just before the Gulf War) had Norwegian Viking Oil become a pure investment company and changed its name to Frontier. They ran as mentioned in shipping, but bought himself also into Morgenbladet in 1994.

Haudemann-Andersen had also established Datum Invest in 1986. Other investment company Haudemann-Andersen started in the 90s was Decibel, Datum and Wega. In 1997 he established the company Datum along with lawyer and investor Einar Jørgen Greve, where otherwise Harald Arnet has been director and then a close collaborator of Haudemann-Andersen and the other in "Vikakameratene". At the same time he established subsidiary Trojan AS (formerly Wega Oil). Also here was Arnet CEO.

In 1995 he became the largest shareholder in Tandberg Data and bought further into via Decibel. Haudemann-Andersen sat as chairman until 2001, but had already in 1998 began selling sharply just before the fall. Haudemann-Andersen was also heavily involved in Ask (later Proxima), a projector/screen company that was separated from Tandberg. From here he sold out in 1999.

Haudemann-Andersen experienced great development in the German IT company Nexus 1996, where he sat with the bulk of the shares purchased through Wega. Meanwhile he was through Decibel, a major shareholder in another IT firm, namely Norwegian Birdstep whence he sold out around 2003. They were likens major shareholder in the Norwegian chip company Q-Free and Fara between 2005 and 2007.

Haudemann-Andersen bought up mining company Wega around 2006 and set in the affairs of government there. From 2004, he bought and companion also in the Swedish oil company PA Resources who quickly made great discoveries in Tunis. Haudemann-Andersen established (via Datum) in 2006 gold digging company Wega who in Burkina Faso, which he sold out in 2012.

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