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Øye is the point of departure for mountain hikes to Slogen and Smørskredtindane with the Gullmor glacier, or for wandering along the mossy paths of Norangsdalen. Excellent fishing in the rivers and lakes.


Hotel Union Øye has been refurbished exactly as it stood in 1891 and is an attraction in its own right. Build in 1891 and restored in 1991. It was a popular place for emperors and representatives of all the Royal Families of Europe. In the visitor´s book you can see the signatures of people like Queen Victoria, Karen Blixen and Edvard Grieg.


The main coastal highway E39 and RV 655 meet in Ørsta. Hovden airport has daily flights to Bergen and Oslo. Vartdal, Nordre-Vartdal and Barstadvik, this stretch of the fjord is well-known for its fishing and plastics industries. Here you will find salmon rivers, popular fishing spots on quays and headlands all along the Vartdalsfjord.


Brudavolltunet and the old mills at Skorgeura is situeted on the main RV 655, 4 km from the centre of Ørsta. The farm remains unchanged and dates from the 1600. It shows how they lived an farmed in times gone by.


Beside the waterfall in Skorgeura you will find threee renovated mills where you can see how they ground corn in the old days.


It is a great pleasure for us to welcome you to our "kingdom" - in the centre of Northern Europe´s fjord and alpine country. The region is spectacular, stretching from deep-blue fjords, via verdant valleys with emerald-green slopes way up to the highest wild peaks with their white glaciers. This is not just a picture, but reality, a landscape which you can become fond of.

The Sunnmørs Alps stretch from Nordfjord in the south to Storfjord in the north. The variety of scenery between peak and fjord reflects a Norway in miniatyre, and has something to offer at every season!

Norangsdalen has lakes formed by landslides. The lake known as Lygnstøylvatnet was formed by a rock fall from Keipen in 1908. Beneath the waters of the lake you can still see the remains of the old road, the foundations of the farmhouses and the gateway. There is a breath of history over the name Norangsdalen. At the turn of the century tourist ships anchored up at Øye.

Many a famous name was transported by pony and trap along me ancient road through the valley to Hellesylt. After the "Silver Cruise" in 1993 to celebrate the Silver Wedding of the King and Queen of Norway, Norangsdalen was given the name "The Queen´s Route". It is a valley rich in spectacular scenery and cultural memories.


The Hjørundfjord cuts its way 35 km into the very heart of the Sunnmørs Alps, cuthng the landscape into two halves. The further the bord penetrates the mountains, the higher the peaks, from Jønshornet (1.419 metres) at the mouth of the fjord to Kvitegga (1.717 metres).

Along the fjord there is a narrative tradition with "Olav sagas", "Trollgjøttemannen" in the mountain. The mark known as the Nes-staff was stamped onto the rock-face when St.Olav´s arrow ricocheted off the mountain. The arrow rebounded across to Standal and was left standing in the ground there, where it can still be seen to this day.


A legend claims that the image of the Trollman on the Nes-staven mountain was branded into the mountain when it was grazed by one of St. Olav´s arrows. Do you see him?


This village beside the Hjørundfjord has a very unusual hotel built right on the water´s edge, two campsites, cabins to let and the salmou river Bondalselva. Sæbø is the starting point for walks up the side valleys from Bondalen, or to the summit of Skorasalen or the culture walk to Olavshola. If you fancy a boat-trip to fish on the fjord or just for sight-seeing, there are hoats for hire.


The river has two sources, the lake Vatnedal and the snowfields in the Sunnmøre alps. The two branches meet at the top of the Melsgjerde beat. The Melsgjerde beat is possibly the best in the river, but all beats can be good when fish are running and there is enough water in the river. A good waterflow is very important in this river, the best fisning occurs after periods with rain. The river is easy accessible through several beats. Ørsta boasts 9 salmonwater courses, good lakes for fishing trout and char, and streches of rivers, fjord and sea were more salty experience awaits for you.