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In August, boat lovers flock to Risør to enjoy the elegant lines and traditional workmanship of Europes largest collection of wooden boats during the Wooden Boat Festival. Risør Trebåtfestival is an annual festival with classic wooden boats held in Risør.

The festival was established in 1983 and is held every year in early August. The festival is Europe´s oldest of its kind; and has for years attracted enthusiasts from many countries. The festival has changed through the years once; but big and great boats have always house festival.

Risør Woodenboat festival is an exhibition of new and classic wooden boats in the pittoresque harbour of Risør. Surrounded by white painted wooden houses, no other place is better than Risør to put on display the finest art and crafts traditions going many hundred years back in history. Building wooden boats has been a tradition for more than 1000 years in these parts of the country.

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