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 Ulf Mikalsen Boats

A Fembøring is an open, clinker-built, wooden boat of the Nordland or Åfjord type, with similar proportions and appearance as smaller boats of the type (such as faerings). Fembørings traditionally are constructed of fir or pine, are rowed or sailed, and were used as fishing boats.

There are many who follow the sound of the riveting hammer. Least 2000 - 3000 summer guests who senses the smell of wood and milebrendt tar. Many relives childhood with us with paint and blue skies. Others had a father or a grandfather who first was a boat builder.

I tell about the construction and use of Nordlandsbåtene (Nordland boats), and about Spissbåtene from Rana. Technical terms and designations were abandoned along with the boats two or three generations ago, but about those who have visited me know the difference between a færing (rowboat) and one fembøring when they leave Kjerringøy.

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