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Askeladden is Norway´s largest manufacturer of leisure boats and the production is placed in Hagavik. Askeladden leisure boats represent thorough and solid quality, designed for Scandinavian conditions, and built for problem-free, fun boating even in rough weather. Askeladden quality requirements are your best guarantee for great boating. Exceptional hull quality. Askeladden hulls are made using multi-axial fibre mats to provide maximum hull strength.

Askeladden has extremely strict quality requirements to mooring fittings, instruments and furnishings, providing boat buyers with a boat to last a lifetime. Askeladden freeboards are extra wide and high in relation to boat length, providing extra personal safety onboard for both young and old.

Askeladden is built for a hassle-free and fun boating even in rough weather. Askeladdens quality requirements are your best guarantee for great adventures at sea. Especially wide and high freeboard in relation to length, providing extra personal safety onboard. To the delight of both adults and children.

Askeladden´s quality requirements benefit customers whether buying a new boat and engine or ordering spare parts and service. And if you decide to replace your Askeladden with a new model, the widely recognised quality standard guarantees high popularity and a good trade-in price for your boat.

Unfortunately, leisure boats and boating do result in a certain amount of pollution. Askeladden is therefore working hard on its environmental profile, establishing clearly defined goals for production, waste management and recycling of leisure boats. Askeladden aims to phase out the use of tropical timber in the production of boat fittings, and to introduce the recycling of boat cradles, where dealers pay a refundable deposit on wooden delivery cradles for boats over 5 metres.

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