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The guesthouse traditions at Balholm extend back to 1752. The Kvikne´s family assumed ownership of the hotel in 1877, and have owned and operated the facility to this day. Norwegian tourism was revolutionized in the latter half of the 19th Century, and has been in continuous development ever since.

The original hotel was built in the traditional "Swiss" architectural style and despite the many phases of expansion and restoration work, the appearance of the building remains true to the original concept. As a result, Kvikne´s is a modern hotel with personality and "soul" and with the atmosphere of centuries.

With 200 rooms it is also one of the largest tourist hotels in Norway. Over the years, the list of prominent guests has grown exceedingly long. Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany was a frequent guest in Balestrand, and he is accompanied on the list by a number of emperors, kings, presidents, Prime ministers, film stars and artists from many countries. An impressive collection of art and historical pieces is a central feature of the hotel´s interior, and one of the elements of its distinct personality.


The Sognefjord is the world´s longest fjord. 204 km long and 1.296 metres deep. The Sognefjord cannot be discovered in just a day or two. If you want to experience the diversity and specialness of this area, you must plan for a longer stay.

Fossevegen is the stretch from the Gaularfjellet mountains and the Rørvikfjellet mountains down towards Sande and Dalsfjorden. Here you drive right up to all of the largest falls, and a good deal of this magnificent awe-inspiring waterfall scenery is visible from your car. Four of the most splendid waterfalls are signposted as attractions.

At Vallestadfossen, Eikjelandfossen and Osfossen there are parking areas. Huldefossen, at Mo Agricultureschool a cultural walk.