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 Svartisen glacier

The Svartisen glacier is the second largest glacier in Norway. The Svartisen glacier is a park of Saltfjellet / Svartisen national park, wich is Norway´s most various national park. The Svartisen glacier is 375 square kilometer, an thereby covers quite a bit of land. The glacier stretches all the way from the widths in Saltfjellet mountain area, through beautifull valleys with calm rivers, and out to fjords and steep mountains at the coast.

The Svartisen glacier is divided in to two separate glaciers:

The West Ice and The East Ice. The Western valley, that separates the two glaciers, became free of ice just a short while ago. the glacier landscape consists of river plains with sand and clay remains that´s under continous change by the glacier rivers. In some glacier lakes you can be witness to the glaciers calve in to the lake.

Both the World´s most beautiful Tourist Road (Kystriksveien) the Coastal Route and the World´s Most Beautiful Voyage (Hurtigruten) the Coastal Steamer passes through a varying and inviting landscape.

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