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 Litløy Lighthouse

Litløy Lighthouse is located on the island of Litløya in Bø. It is part of the Vesterålen archipelago, which overlooks the nearby Lofoten islands.

The lighthouse and the adjoining buildings were built in 1912, and the light itself was electrified in 1959. In the mid-1980s the light was automated. The people who worked at Litløy Lighthouse remained, however, first and foremost to do maintenance at the lighthouse and nearby beacons. Secondly, there was a need to keep shipping activity under observation, both to control and assist if need be. There was also a meteorological weather station on the island. Eventually the cost of keeping the staff at the island caused the lighthouse to be depopulated on 26 June 2003.

In 2005/06, the Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) sold 20 lighthouses along the coast of Norway. One of these was Litløy Lighthouse. Bø municipality was offered to buy the lighthouse, but chose not to accept the offer. It was then sold to Ellen Marie Hansteensen. She bought the lighthouse in order to make it accessible to the public, in accordance to Norwegian law.

Since 2006, Hansteensen has renovated much of the property to offer accommodation and daytime visitors an opportunity to explore the island. Stein Halvorsen is the project´s architect. There are also guided tours of the facility, on request. The project at Litløy Lighthouse has been documented by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (Norge Rundt, autumn of 2006). The lighthouse owner is the island´s only remaining inhabitant.

NCA removed the diesel driven lighthouse beacon in November 2009. It was replaced by a light running on solar power, batteries and has a double LED 350 lightbulb. The new signal is one white blink, every 10 seconds. The light is visible for 12 nautical miles (22 km).

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