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Tusenfryd is an amusement park at Vinterbro. The park is located 20 kilometers south of Oslo. Two of the longest motorway corridors in Norway, E6 and E18, meet nearby Tusenfryd and the park is located on the west side near where they meet. SpeedMonster, SuperSplash, ThunderCoaster and SpaceShot make the park visible from the motorway. The park has 31 attractions and has 500,000 visitors per year.

Even though Tusenfryd is not divided into specifically themed areas there is an section called Morgan Kane Town, another section is called Vikingland and there is a small Fairy Tale Land. The park´s mascot is called Fryd. The park has one of the most innovative entrances of any amusement park (an uphill ride on an escalator through one of the loops of the Speed Monster´s roller coaster). This beautiful park has plenty of flower beds and its located on a hilly forested area so you´ll be doing a lot of uphill walking. The actual park occupies 55 acres.

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