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Restaurant Vardestua lies 407 metres above the town. An unparalleled and magnificent view: Molde lies at the foot of the hill, facing a fjord which opens out to the famous Molde-panorama. A panorama of 222 partly snow-covered mountain peaks! To the west one can see the majestic Atlantic Ocean.

molde panorama
  The town of Molde is called the Town of Roses is beautifully situated by the Romsdalsfjord on the northwest coast of Norway. From the airport, Årø, it takes 10 minutes to drive into the town centre. The Coastal Steamer (Hurtigruten) has daily departures. Molde has various educational facilities as well as offering many cultural activities, including an international literature festival (Bjørnson Festival) and the famous annual Molde International Jazz Festival.


The Romsdalmuseet is amongst Norway´s largest regional museums, founded in 1912. An open air museum, it has 40 houses which are furnished and equipped according to their respective ages. Gathered in idyllic courtyards they show the development of the farmer´s culture from the 14th to the 20th century. Occasional performances by the children´s folkdance group.


"Kongebjørka" at Glomstua is the tree under which King Haakon and Crown Prince Olav sheltered during the German bombing of Molde in April 1940. Two-thirds of the town was destroyed in these attacks. A monument in commemoration of those dramatic days was unveiled in 1955.

molde city


Experience the grandest stadium in Europe! Finaced by Røkke and Gjelsten, two local financemen. Opened April 18th 1998. Architect Kjell Kosberg. Open cafeteria on weekdays during the summer. Guided tours possible.