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 Struten Lighthouse

Struten Lighthouse is a coastal lighthouse in the municipality of Fredrikstad. The lighthouse is located on an islet in the outer Oslofjord, south of the island Hankø. It was established in 1907, and automated in 1985. The little island of Struten has had a lighthouse since 1907. Fully automated since 1985, it is 12.5 meters tall, and has a wood tower with lantern and gallery attached to the front of a 1-1/2 story wood keeper´s house. German troops fortified the island during World War II, but the fortifications saw no fighting.

The Old Struten Lighthouse Association (Stiftelsen Gamle Struten) has leased the house from the Kystverket and made it available for overnight accommodations. The funds that come into the rental is used in its entirety to the ongoing maintenance and gradual upgrading of equipment, installations and equipment. The old lighthouse has three floors with stunning views. At the entrance from the courtyard is a shed with additional accommodations. The Old Boathouse can also be used for a dining at its long table.

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