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 Hekkingen Lighthouse

Hekkingen Lighthouse is a coastal lighthouse located in the Malangenfjord in the municipality of Lenvik. Malangen or Malangsfjorden is a fjord in the municipalities of Balsfjord, Lenvik, Målselv, and Tromsø. The fjord runs southeast between the islands of Senja and Kvaløya and further into the mainland on the border between Balsfjord and Lenvik municipalities.

The 60 kilometre long fjord stretches from Hekkingen Lighthouse off the coast of Senja to the village of Nordfjordbotn. In the inner part of the fjord, it branches out into four smaller fjords: Nordfjorden, Aursfjorden, Målselvfjorden, and Rossfjorden. The Målselva river feeds into the Målselvfjorden. There are several larger villages along the coast of the fjord, including Mortenhals, Mestervik, and Rossfjordstraumen.

It was first lit in 1859. Hekkingen was built in 1859, automated in 2004. It stands 9.8 meters tall, 22.8 meters above the high tide mark. As with many of the lighthouses of Norway, Hekkingen is owned and protected by the Kystverket. And it is a meteorological station as well. The little group of buildings around the lighthouse are well maintained. There is wooden house with a lighthouse built into the northeast gable. A pathway with railing leads down to the little dock.

Hekkingen Lighthouse is one of the oldest lighthouses in northern Norway and is an important guidepost for ships approaching Tomsø. It stands on a small island off the north side of Senja. The lighthouse is reached from the sea and there is a quay for small boats. Hekkingen Lighthouse has lots of beautiful scenery, is rich in birdlife and wild flowers. The sky may be full of eagles on a bright summer day.

Since the lighthouse became automated, Sommarøy Arctic Hotel has taken over the operation of the lighthouse in conjunction with the Norwegian Coast Guard. Sommarøy offers adventure packages with accommodation in the protected buildings. Hekkingen Lighthouse is only 12 to 15 minutes by boat from Sommarøy. The living room in the old lighthouse can accommodate up to 20 guests at table, and eventually Sommarøy will also offer accommodation in comfortable rooms and small houses around the lighthouse.

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