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 Ryvarden Lighthouse

Ryvarden Lighthouse is a coastal lighthouse in the municipality of Sveio. It was established in 1849 and automated in 1984. The lighthouse is situated by the Sletta sea area, at the end of the promontory, on the north side of Mølstrevågen. It stands 6.9 meters tall and 22.3 metersabove the high-tide level.

Since the lighthouse was automated, no one has lived there permanently, but it has become a popular place to visit for many people. In 1992, Gallery Ryvarden was established, and it became a success. Besides the gallery, there is a café and studios. There are many cultural events held here, including art exhibitions and concerts.

In the quarters of the lighthouse keeper, there are accommodations for 8–10 people in five bedrooms. The house was renovated to a high standard in 2007. Here you can go back in time, with the wind howling around the lighthouse, and driving rain on the windows, or else sun from a clear sky and a completely still ocean. This is medicine for the body and soul.

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