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 Homlungen Lighthouse

Homlungen Lighthouse is a fully automated leading lighthouse situated on a skerry in the archipelago municipality of Hvaler. The lighthouse and surrounding buildings, which include residences, outhouse, a well, and engine house are proposed protected as a national park.

The administrative centre of Hvaler is the village of Skjærhalden, on the island of Kirkeøy. South of Skjærhalden lies a chain of a few inhabitable islands as well as several hundreds of smaller islands and rocks. The bigger islands are named, clockwise, Nordre Sandøy, Søndre Sandøy, Hærføl, Søndre Lauer, and Nordre Lauer. Another smaller island is Tisler. On all of these islands, with the exception of Søndre Lauer, summer houses fill the landscape. The islands of Søndre Sandøy and Hærføl are the two only islands that have local shops and roads which support car traffic.

Ytre Hvaler National Park is a national park in Hvaler and Fredrikstad. It is mostly a marine park, covering the outer parts of the skerries of the Oslofjord´s east shore. To the south, the national park´s border lies on the Norway - Sweden border next to Kosterhavet National Park. Ytre Hvaler covers an area of 354 km2, of which 340 km2 is sea and 14 km2 is land. The park was established on 26 June 2009 and is the only marine national park in the country. The park includes the largest known coral reef in sheltered waters in Europe, which is located near the island Tisler.

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