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 Fifth Season AS

The Norwegian online game Planetarion has gone from being a boy´s dream to be a giant success. It is in fact a difference between having a great idea without users and to already have a user base of investors are promised "sometime in the future." Christian Lassem, Erlend Simonsen and Bjorn Wennberg started development of Planetarion in the spare time in August 1999.

Planetarion have 180,000 active players provide ten million page views every day.

The guys in Fifth Season have lots of exciting plans. One possibility is that there are two versions of Planetarion; an extended version you have to pay for, and one that is free. We are also looking for new revenue streams from, for example, SMS and WAP, says Lassem and mentions automatic alerts to your mobile phone when critical events take place in the game.

Another is ManagerLeague an online multiplayer football manager game played by thousands of people worldwide. Once you´ve got yourself a team, should you buy and sell players, choose tactics and strategy, train the team and individual players, spile friendlies, organizing training camps and spile in both cup and league. In addition, you build your own stadium and can hire specialists understand various fields.

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