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GoNorway is dedicated to bringing you the best deals, becouse we know Norway best. GoNorway is like a traditional guide book, aiming to provide advice on which destinations, attractions, accommodations, and so on, are worth a visit and providing information on how to access them. We have both the Midnight Sun and the Northern Lights in our region. The high majestic mountains and skerries are the same in Nordland, Troms and Finnmark.

 P R I C E  N A M E  P L A C E


Products grown far north growing under unique lighting conditions, gives the ingredients a special character. Norway is a pure region with fisheries, green pastures, small farms, and a modern meat and dairy industry, dominated by beautiful fjords, mountains, and untouched nature. Norway has a long coastline with excellent sea food.

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Whale safari is the first, largest and most experienced provider of whale watching in Norway. The company was established over 25 years ago and the long experience enables our crew to know exactly where to look for whales. We can therefore offer a 100% whale guarantee!

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Experience the animal and bird life as you´ve never seen it before. In modern, safe RIBs we are invited to a meeting with eagles, puffins, coastal seals, porpoises and whales. Now you can experience the world´s largest toothed whales even closer to sea level. The sight of a sperm whale is really an overwhelming experience. It is the largest toothed whale in the world - it can be almost 20 feet long and weigh up to 57 tons! We have daily departures from Andenes havn.

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The Gulf Stream blesses the coast with one of the mildest winter climates in Norway. So forget everything you’ve ever imagined about winter in the Arctic and get ready to experience Nature in a whole new way, travelling by sea raft at only 1.6 feet above the surface of the sea. At this time of year the magical light and Nature 180 miles north of the Polar Circle are at their most spectacular.

Boasting the world’s densest population, this area is truly The Kingdom of the Sea Eagle, and a close encouter with a bird of prey that can have a wingspan of up to 8 feet is an unforgettable experience. Sometimes we meet with humpback, minke whales, pilot whales or harbour seals and seabirds such as cormorants and guillemots and if we encounter the orca, we will follow them and study their behaviour.

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Experience the magnificent Lofoten Islands by sea! The rich wildlife in the Lofoten Islands have fascinated visitors for centuries, if you are lucky, you can see both eagles and seals, and a great variation of bird life on a trip to the Trollfjord.

We drive up through the strait of Øyhellsundet and to the spectacular Trollfjord. Here we find historic sites, sandy white beaches and one of the most dramatic fjords of Norway. We also visit the whaling island Skrova with its charming harbor.

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Let us take you on a fishing adventure and delve into the tradition and history that Lofoten Islands is built upon. Join one of our drop-in tours or charter the entire vessel by yourself. With excellent local knowledge we will take you and your friends on a hunt for the ultimate fishing experience. The tour starts from Svolvær.
Duration: 3 hours
Season: Summer
Included: All necessary equipment
Other: Dress accourding to the weather
Remarks: Minimum 8 people.

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Welcome to a spectacular and unique experience. ORCA TYSFJORD has been arranging killer whale safaris since 1990, and is the pioneer in its field. We are proud to be able to welcome you to our killer whale safari, by inflatable dinghy or, if you are really ambitious, snorkeling amongst killer whales.

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Stetind is the greatest climb you can do in Norway! A guided trip to Stetind is within reach also without climbing experience. Join us for a guided trip to Stetind if you are fit and have a good head for heights! Stetind is a classic Norwegian peak nearly 1400 metres above sea-level. No wonder why Stetind in 2002 was voted to be Norway´s national mountain.

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To spend an evening in the darkness on the fjord gives you a very special experience – particularly in calm, clear and cool weather, with the polar light dancing over the snow-covered peaks of Tysfjord. If the fishing boats are active, we will be fascinated by the fantastic display of light in the Tysfjord. Tysfjord is one of the best places in the world to observe the northern light.

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We take you to visit extreme coastal nature. We drive by bus or car from Basecamp on a 2 or 3 hour trip to experience wild and beautiful nature. If we are lucky we will meet the elk - the king of the forests - in his own, natural environment. We may not only meet elks, since the area has a rich animal life, representing fox, otter, hares, white-tailed eagles, herons and cormorants.

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Here you can stay in peaceful rooms in the lighthouse keepers house, with an unrivalled view across the ocean to the Lofoten islands. We have two double bedrooms available, a desk and large windowsill to sit and take in the landscape. There is an adjacent guest library with a wood burning stove where you can relax and take pleasure in the cosy family atmosphere. There is a separate bathroom for guests.