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 Oseberg ship

When the ship was taken out of the mound it was in two thousand pieces that were put together in a gigantic jigsaw puzzle. On June 17 2010, a new era began in the exciting history of the Oseberg ship. The building of an exact replica of the most beautiful and the oldest ship from Viking times began. A model was built on a scale of 1:10 and tested in the ship model tank at Marintek in Trondheim. The results are interesting: they confirm that the Oseberg ship must have been more seaworthy than assumed previously.

Nevertheless, the craftsmen have numerous questions that must be answered in order to build an exact replica of the ship, a reconstruction that in every way must resemble the original in terms of design, construction, materials, tool traces, details and the ship’s expression. After having been absent for more than 100 years, the Oseberg ship is about to return to Tønsberg – and in better shape than she has been for the last 1200 years!

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