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From Florø and right out in the sea lies the green, grass-covered island Kinn. The municipality was centered at the island of Kinn where the main Kinn Church is located. The church sits at the base of the steep mountain of Kinn, and the massive Kinnaklova (Kinn Cliff) is its nearest neighbour. The famous cleft cliff of Kinn is famous along the coast, as its charecteristic shape has always been a guide for sailors along our coast. Follow the path right up the cleft of the cliff for spectacular sea and island views.

The area around Kinn was the central herring area in Norway for the most part of the 19th century. At the height, there lived approximately 15.000 people on Kinn and the surrounding islands in the herring season. Today there are inhabited by sheeps and a few people. Other village areas in the municipality include Rognaldsvåg, Stavang, Grov, Norddalsfjord, Nyttingnes, Steinhovden, and Brandsøy.

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