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Sunnmørsalpene (Sunnmøre Alps) is a collective term for the mountains range in the Sunnmøre region of Møre & Romsdal county. The mountain range encircles the Hjørundfjorden in the municipalities of Volda, Ørsta, Stranda, and Sykkylven. These mountains have peaks reaching 1,700 metres straight up from the fjord.

The Sunnmørs Alps stretch from Nordfjord in the south to Storfjord in the north. The variety of scenery between peak and fjord reflects a Norway in miniatyre, and has something to offer at every season! We invite you on an open-air holiday - you can choose one full of activity or simply relax in the peace and quiet among our mountains and fjords.

Although Sunnmørsalpene does not offer high walls or other technical challenges to climbers, it offers alpine peaks and quite a number of very interesting pinnacles. "Bladet" (the blade) must be one of the most known of these. This 20 meter high rock looks like a knife and climbing on it looks stunning, although not too difficult.

The most well-known peaks are Slogen, Randers Topp, Jakta, Kolåstinden, Hornindalsrokken, Kvitegga, Skårasalen, Råna and Bladet. The area is well known to hiking and skiing enthusiasts, especially for its long skiing season until beginning of June.

Mountains in Sunnmørsalpene

Slogen 1.564 meters, Kolåstinden 1.432 meters, Dalegubben 1.344 meters, Hornindalsrokken 1.529 meters, Skårasalen 1.542 meters, Råna 1.586 meters, Ramoen eller Jønshornet 1.419 meters, Store Smørskredtind 1.631 meters, Jakta 1.588 meters, Nordre Sætretind 1.365 meters, Saudehornet 1.303 meters, Randers Topp 1.414 meters, Bladet 1.300 meters, Mohns Topp 1.340 meters, and Kvitegga 1.717 meters.

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