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kvaroey fiskeoppdrett

In 1976, a fish-farming company was established on Kvarøy. Kvarøy Fiskeoppdrett is still locally owned, employing many of the island´s residents and inspiring the establishment of new businesses. The island has two daily visits, by the company Torghatten Nord fast boat service, which runs between Bodø and Sandnessjøen.

Kvarøy Fish farming has a long tradition in the production of salmon. In 1976, as one of the first in Northern Norway, we started our production of salmon. There was a fisherman / entrepreneur Alf Olsen, together with his son Geir Olsen who started the company. In 1988 the company was transformed into a corporation (AS) but is still owned by the family Olsen.

Kvarøy Sjøhus (Seahouses) has five holiday houses and 8 rental boats. The houses are built in 2009 / 2010. Good fishing spots for all the normal fish within 15 minutes by boat.

Kvarøy Skalldyr (Shellfish) was established in 2007, and are a small producer of seafood. The first three years we have produced about 300,000 kg crab (Cancer pagurus) annually. Crab season in our area lasts from mid-July to early December. Therefore, we are able to supply fresh produce in season and frozen products throughout the year.

Kvarøy islands are situated just south of the Arctic Circle and Vikingen, a small landmark island with an Arctic Circle Monument. The island itself is great for short excursions on foot, and we invite you to explore the nearby waters by boat. Kvarøy has beautiful beaches that are ideal for a picnic, for swimming, or just watching the waves. The youngest members of your family will enjoy the Indian Forest, a playground in natural woodlands, or exploring the shore and tide pools.

Like many other fishing villages and trading posts on the outer islands of Norway, the islands of Helgeland saw a dramatic exodus after World War II. Nevertheless, thanks to its fortunate location on the shipping lane, Kvarøy´s population remained reasonably stable. With approx. 70 inhabitants today, Kvarøy is still a thriving community.

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