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Discover the rich history and traditions of Norway´s iconic black-and-white mittens. What started as a dare became an icon of Norwegian knitting and started a snowball of knitting traditions across the World.

The story of Selbustrikk (Selbuknitting) begins in 1852 with a 16 year old girl in a closed inland district without further contact beyond the village limits. The girl, Marit went on the "seter" (farm) looking after the animals for the summer. She had, like everyone else felt and understood the realities of life. Should one survive one had to work. She came from a hardworking family and could already weave.

On the "seter" (farm) she used her sparetime knitting. Knitting with a stitch stockings were partially known in Norway since 1639. Marit was more creative and she wanted to experiment. Therefore, she brought the usual white home-spun yarn that she used to normal in the forest. She also took a contrasting color that was home spun yarn from black sheep. Proudly showing she presented her work to the adult setergirl (seterdeia) in the evening.

Knitting with two strands of different colors (two-tråbinding) came into use in Selbuskogen from 1856 to 1857. The new technique provided the basis for Selbustrikk and became an important industry for the village Selbu. Selbuvotter became popular both in the city and the country in general, and pattern could be used for bartering with the local merchants and wholesalers in the city.

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