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 Hønse-Lovisa´s House

Hønse-Lovisa´s house by Akerselva river is a house where there is a cafe, cultural center and gallery. The house play the role of Hønse-Lovisa´s house in the film adaptation of "Ungen" from 1974. Hønse-Lovisa is an important figure in the novel "Ungen" of Oskar Braaten. She lives by Akerselva river in the 1800s. Her house is called "Chickens nest" and she herself "Hønse-Lovisa" because she takes care of pregnant mothers. Hønse-Lovisa gives factory girls who have "shown up in disaster" shelter and care so that they can retain the children their even if they are born outside marriage. They can take care of their work and drop to put them away for foster care or adoption.

Through Hønse-Lovisa showed Oscar Braaten an example of the next love in practice, and a rebellion against social norms that works to single mothers and their children.

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