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 Gilde / Nortura

Products grown far north growing under unique lighting conditions, gives the ingredients a special character. The long summer days have powerful light intensity, while low temperatures ensures a longer maturation things and more structure. Products that are grown in the midnight sun and polar conditions, have a stronger light intensity. Some of the best restaurants have also succeeded in lifting it up at the top level, which underlines the qualities. Nortura has 35 production facilities in 13 counties in Norway.

Only lambs that have grazed with free access to fresh grass and herbs contained in the Superior range. The lambs have grown large with good access to fresh water and mountain air. Lofoten is wonderland with a nature that it does not exist anything like anywhere in the world. Over the years, the green hillsides developed a unique flora, with nourishing herbs and lush pasture grass. The pastures are natural salt of sea salt as wind and storm brings. We set a number of requirements for the selection and processing of this raw material. Only lamb correct size, fatness and fat phrase is used and the selected carcasses undergo a carefully tailored to the tenderizing process. The tenderloin has also retained the fat, so that none of the flavor is lost.

Nortura is organized as a cooperative owned by 18,700 Norwegian farmers. Nortura ensures that consumers all over the country have the same selection of quality products to choose from. Nortura supply the country´s major brands Gilde, Prior, Eldhus, Joika, Thulefjord, and Terina. Nortura have approx. 5,600 employees in different industries in 28 municipalities all over the country.

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