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Hallingskarvet is a mountain range in southern Norway stretching from Geilo to Finse. If you like, you can experience it all on horseback, or on a bicycle on the old "Rallarvegen", which goes westward along the Bergen Railway. The highest point is the 1,933 metre tall mountain Folarskardnuten, the highest point in Buskerud county. In the north, there is a large dammed lake called Strandavatnet. The Bergensbanen railway line, which runs south of Hallingskarvet, has its highest stop at Finse Station 1,222 metres.

In 2006, the Hallingskarvet mountain range became part of the Hallingskarvet National Park. Hallingskarvet National Park is located in the municipalities of Hol, Ulvik, and Aurland. More precisely, the park comprises the Hallingskarvet plateau and the high mountain areas to the west of it. It includes the Vargebreen glacier as well as the valleys of Såtedalen, Lengjedalen, Ynglesdalen, and parts of Raggsteindalen.

The national park covers 450 square kilometres of the Hallingskarvet mountain range and hosts large stocks of wild reindeer, an important factor in the establishment of the park. The highest point in the national park is Folarskardnuten which reaches an elevation of 1,933 metres above sea level. The landscape of Hallingskarvet was shaped by multiple ice ages. The park shows the geological history and the connection between this history and the variation in the species living there.

The Bergensbanen railway line runs along the southern boundary of the park. There is no road access to the southern side of the park, so Finse Station, a stop on the railway line, is one of the few ways that people can access this part of the park. The Rv 50 runs near the northern boundary of the park.

Gourmet lamb from Gilde is juicy and tender quality meat from lambs that have grazed in the area around Hallingskarvet, Trollheimen, Jostedalsbreen Glacier or Sirdalsheiene. The lamb supplies the care of a rich alpine menu containing herbs, grasses, heather and shrubs. Gourmet lamb is juicy and tender meats that are carefully chosen, and passing through Gilde unique tenderizing process.

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