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 Etneelva river

Etneelva river is one of Norway´s national salmon rivers and offers salmon and sea trout fishing at affordable prices. Price from NOK 550 - 900. pr. day for a zone in the river. Etneelva river flows through the idyllic surroundings and is really worth a visit. The river is crystal clear and can each year visa to one another and salmon caliber "Fishing for big salmon". Most people who are caught are still of normal size 2 - 7 kg, the last 30 years, the average weight of 3.2 kg.

Etneelva river is a river which many regarded as a really good fly fishing river, but it is permitted with all types of legal fishing equipment in all zones. Etneelva river is divided into 26 zones. Zone 1 down by Etnefjorden and zone 26 before Stordalsvatnet which is 6.7 km long. The last 10 years, the biggest fish have been between 12 and 15 kg.

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