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 Wilh. Wilhelmsen ASA

Wilh. Wilhelmsen Holding is a global maritime industry group, headquartered in Lysaker. The group employs approximately 16.000 people and has operations in 73 nations.

It was founded on 1 October 1861 in Tønsberg by (Morten) Wilhelm Wilhelmsen. Wilhelmsen´s fleet increased with an average of one ship per year and by 1886 Wilhelmsen was Tønsberg´s largest shipowner. Though the company´s first vessel was the Mathilde in 1886, they started making profits only after the vessel Talabot in 1887.

Thence, all their ships have been named, started with the letter "T", often leading to the same name given repeatedly to different ships over time. For example, there have been at least four ships named Talabot ranging from tankers to ro-ro vessels.

On 15 March 2010, the board of directors of Wilh. Wilhelmsen ASA (WWI) resolved to propose a new company restructuring in which the shipping and the logistics activities would be carried forward in a separate entity and establishing a new parent company for the group.

The company reorganized its name and divisions Wilh. Wilhelmsen ASA. It is currently owned by the siblings Wilhelm Wilhelmsen, Finn Wilhelmsen, Cecilie Paus and Helen Juell.

The ground floor of the head office also houses (close to the entrance) an honorary consul office. One of the underground chambers houses casks of Linje Akvavit that are carried in containers on their ships, and usually served at staff meetings and annual officer get-togethers in the ground floor. The first and second floors also house memorabilia from their various vessels.

Wilh. Wilhelmsen conducts shipping activities and specialises in roll-on roll off cargo, especially for large project and awkward cargoes like train coaches, small aircraft and large industrial machinery. This is aided by the fact that their Ro-ro vessels have large ramps that can support up to 420 tonnes cargo weight at a time.

Together with its partners (Eukor and Wallenius Lines), the group controls some 160 car and roll-on / roll-off carriers operating in a global network of trades. Its customers include manufacturers of cars as well as construction and agricultural machinery In the car carrier market, they the third largest after MOL (the largest car carrier company) and NYK Line (the second largest car carrier company). On an annual basis, Wilh. Wilhelmsen´s shipping companies transport 5 million cars and 12 million cubic metres of high and heavy and non-containerised cargoes.

The group both owns and charters vessels, which are deployed in the fleets operated by subsidiaries Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics, EUKOR Car Carriers and American Roll-on Roll-off Carrier. In June 2011, Wilh. Wilhelmsen acquired the MV Tønsberg, first of a family of "Mark V" roro ships built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries; they are the largest roro ships in the world.

WW´s wholly owned Wilhelmsen Maritime Services (WMS) subsidiary offers services like agencies in many ports. These earlier were marketed under the name "BARWIL" (named after Barber - Wilhelmsen) and is one of the world´s largest providers of third-party ship management services. Wilhelmsen Ship Management, the WMS crewing and management company, at one time managed roughly 290 vessels and has a pool of 8.000 seagoing personnel. However, as of 2010, they manage approx. 90 ships.

WMS also has the Wilhelmsen Ships Equipment - earlier called UNITOR services, which focuses on maritime systems and environmental solutions, while Wilhelmsen Marine Engineering is a supplier of electrical, automation and HVAC systems to the marine and offshore markets.

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